For nearly half a century (creation date on 1949), AEBDM was a subsidiary of Alcatel Telecom Morocco (Alcatel Telmo) specializes in the distribution of telecommunications equipment.

Given the popularity pronounced by Moroccan companies for the modernization in the early 90s, AEBDM has evolved from a mere distributor to a true enterprise network integrator and supplier of value-added telecommunications solutions.

AEBDM is now part of a Moroccan group, considered today as a major IT operator in the Moroccan market with more than 450 employees and whose business expertise is recognized by leading institutions and Moroccan companies for over 25 years.

AEBDM is ISO 9001

The services offered by AEBDM (60 resources) are based on a comprehensive approach. They cover the study, consulting, engineering, integration projects and training in information and communication technologies, the same intellectual services corresponding to different stages of the decision process.

The study and advice

Thanks to the skills of its highly qualified human resources, AEBDM is involved in areas as diverse: the determination and choice of architectures, definition of specifications, quantification (direct and indirect gains), performance audit of systems and networks, secure systems and networks, quality control, etc.

Sector studies, customized or multi-client and ongoing technology watch are the main business activities.

The engineering and project integration

AEBDM’s approach is a comprehensive approach that builds on four successive stages, which are: design, engineering, implementation and maintenance.

Qualified training in IT

Teaching offers d’AEBDM are either in the form of training days of staff of client companies, either as seminars on strategic themes. These seminars are mainly oriented companies and telecommunications applications. This allows continuous training to executives and other employees of enterprises to be constantly up to the evolution of information technology and allows them in turn to be, effectively, to listen to their customers.



The MEDTECH Group is among the national leaders in Consulting, Engineering and Services in Information Technology. It is the result of 25 years of development and anticipation of the ICT industry in Morocco. The Medtech Group is today, among other expertise, recognized by the world’s leading Information Technology , a leading provider of IT projects of the Moroccan Administration and a presence at the heart of IT major financial institutions of the country.

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