Mobile Services and Solutions

Mobile Services and Solutions

Dial Technologies covers all the following mobile services and solutions :

Dial App

Dial App, is the technological partner for companies who wish to be accompanied for the development and implementation of a Digital strategy focused on mobility and mobile. Specialist in our field of expertise, we provide solutions to companies in B to B to C, B to B and also in B to C.

We develop for mobile platforms like Apple, Android, BlackBerry and mobile web natively for smartphones and tablets.

Our DIAL APP offers :

Development Offer

This is an offering dedicated to clients wishing to develop applications and / or application modules.

Accompanying digital marketing offers

This is a key offer in hand for projects aimed at the digital transformation. We offer to support our customers in their thinking and implementation process of the target solution through the following services: benchmarks, drafting special conditions, functional and technical study, development, publication, training, launch, communication , etc …


This is an offer containing a set of solutions that meet the needs of customers wishing to dematerialize their internal business processes.

Bizops is the solution for :

  • Manage sales force,
  • Making competitive intelligence,
  • Go info land,
  • Manage the collection,
  • Deploy mobile CRM and other ERP,
  • Train internal teams,
  • Allow to deploy instant messaging between companies, ..

Consulting and audit offers

This is to provide our customers, experts in mobile and mobility for the implementation of digital solutions, either as part of the management of mobile projects or for specific development needs.

Furthermore, we also offer our customers audits on existing mobile developments through code reviews on different platforms and exploited CMS.

Dial Messaging

DIAL MESSAGING offers reliable platforms and secure routing to the mobile using different communication channels :

  • Dial Platform Messaging

    • It is a platform for routing SMS / MMS with a direct connection to the networks of Moroccan and foreign operators (over 160 countries), disregarding the used equipment and protocols.
    • Several standard interfaces type Web services (SOAP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP) are proposed to access the multiple features offered by this platform.
  • Dial Chat Communication

    • It is a platform that uses communication techniques visible, facilitating social interactions.
  • Dial Social Networking

    • It is a platform to interconnect and communicate with different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin …), through SMS or USSD to broadcast advertisements, hyperlinks, videos or still pictures.
    • For these platforms, Dial Technologies has a system of alerts and response procedures, to ensure continuity of service and 24h / 24 and 7/7.

Dial Voice

The helpdesk remains a premier customer relationship tool DIAL VoiceInteractive Service facilitates the reception of the customer, access to information and linking with the company.

The DIAL Voice solution can:

  • Be deployed in multiple languages: Arabic, English, French, Tamazight …
  • Quickly create voice applications text-to-speech quality (TTS)
  • Carry self-service interactive services based on IVR (Interactive Voice)
  • Enable data confidentiality that are exclusively handled by the automatic system and not by human operators.
  • Strengthen the brand image of the company through continuity, over time of the same voice, which becomes the witness of the brand.

Dial Payment

With DIAL PAYMENT, you will make the experience of buying content, services and applications more enjoyable by offering consumers the option to pay directly on their mobile.

Using technologies such as Premium SMS, vocal booth, Wap or NFC, the Dial Technologies objective is to enable a reliable and secure payment accessible. Encoding and embedded encryption capabilities are indeed intended to ensure maximum security for transactions.

DIAL PAYMENT solution is :


Whatever the distribution media you’ve chosen to run your services (TV, websites, newspapers,…).


You have the right to sell your services, content and applications through a variety of billing mechanical (fee for service, access or subscription).


A simple management interface with configurable modules as needed and integration of the payment solution to your website or technical platform through APIs.


Real-time statistics, giving you a clear visibility on all your operations.

Dial Marketing

With the continuous increase in the number of customers and the strong growth of usage, the mobile phone has become a strategic communication tool. Agencies, advertisers and publishers are getting into.

DIAL MARKETING offers a variety of innovative tools to create unique marketing campaigns, with various choices of communication channel : SMS / MMS, Bluetooth, WAP or email.

Targeting customers is done by telephone number or by geolocation or by age and civility.

Dial Technologies helps you design catchy campaign messages, to diffuse deemed strategic dates and times to generate maximum benefits.

Each campaign is the subject of a report which contains statistics (accused of receiving operator), open rate messages, return rate campaigns, …

Dial Content

Dial Content Offer can respond to the concern of monetization of content publishers, media companies and revenue growth targets of telecom operators.

Dial Technologies has a recognized expertise in the creation of content and services dedicated to operators, publishers and other media companies, providing them with management at all levels of the value chain.

Through a dedicated team, Dial Technologies product content in-house and has developed over the years significant multi-level partnerships with various content providers, media, news agencies and websites: MAP, Reuters, AFP, BBC, Medi1TV, Rotana, The Economist, Yabiladi, Morocco Sports, …



The MEDTECH Group is among the national leaders in Consulting, Engineering and Services in Information Technology. It is the result of 25 years of development and anticipation of the ICT industry in Morocco. The Medtech Group is today, among other expertise, recognized by the world’s leading Information Technology , a leading provider of IT projects of the Moroccan Administration and a presence at the heart of IT major financial institutions of the country.

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