In April 2000, when the decision of NCR Corporation to change its mode of representation in several countries, the company NCR Morocco is renamed NCRM and continues to pursue the same activity as in the past.

The orientation of NCR to specific trades is relayed by NCRM: Banking, Retail, Governmental Operators. NCRM positions also itself for a long time, as an integrator of payment systems and professional services provider.


  • Providing solutions “turnkey” in the areas:

    • Payment systems (ATMs, payment software, optimization Cash and Cash management, …),
    • Treatment values (checks, LCN, transfers …),
    • Mobility: Mobile Banking, Mobile CRM,
    • And more generally, banking solutions with added value.
  • Service offering for outsourced services for processing values, and managed services for managing ATMs.

  • Offers “turnkey” in the field of POS systems for the retail.

  • Offers “turnkey” solutions in the field of Transport:

    • ATMs Ticketing Self Service,
    • Parking management controllers.

NCRM is strongly present in the Bank, and Great distribution in Morocco, with a sustained growth of its business in the North Africa region, West and Central.

In Morocco, NCRM is one of the few local service operators with twenty-five service centers across the country NCRM customers have at their disposal a high quality service for the deployment and maintenance of their systems and solutions, with SLA under two hours response time, especially for critical business values and scanning ATMs.



The MEDTECH Group is among the national leaders in Consulting, Engineering and Services in Information Technology. It is the result of 25 years of development and anticipation of the ICT industry in Morocco. The Medtech Group is today, among other expertise, recognized by the world’s leading Information Technology , a leading provider of IT projects of the Moroccan Administration and a presence at the heart of IT major financial institutions of the country.

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