Risk and Regulatory Reporting

Risk and Regulatory Reporting

Perfectly adapted to the needs of financial institutions of all sizes, the Bank Reporting System (BRS) powered by Omnidata since 1998, allows the complete automation of all the production work of regulatory reports and ensures their issuance in the total on time and guidelines for regulators, including central banks.

BRS simplifies the process of reporting and covers the entire demand for regulatory reporting. Thanks to a permanent watch and anticipation, BRS ensures compliance with respect to any new specifications of the Central Bank as the technical manual and the intra-inter exchange format control.


Through its open architecture, BRS is:

Multi charts of accounts

  • BRS can handle multiple charts of accounts: PCB, PCI, CHP, …
  • Transcoding of accounts (transfer matrix):
    In case the source systems are unable to produce a situation in CHP, BRS provides a transition matrix to produce the equivalent situation in CHP.

Multi facilities

  • With aggregate functions to a holding type of establishment.

Multi Currency

  • It allows the handling of currency balances before and after conversion, and the managing of historical conversion rate.

Multi attributes

  • BRS provides a repository of regulatory attributes (currency, residence, economic agent, residual term, industry, …) and management (agency, currency, release, region …) compatible with the current specifications of the Central Bank .
  • With its architecture, BRS is able to take up to 15 additional attributes without additional development charge.


Thanks to the establishment and regular feeding of a warehouse of financial and regulatory data, the internal reporting BRS enables financial institutions to have reliable dashboards, consistent and regular.


This is a loan dashboard for use, operating in real time, to extract the data from the main tables of BRS, analyze them and present them in the form of dashboards and reports in the QlikView analysis tool.


BRS solution is used by all major Moroccan banks and suffers a success in the rest of the Francophone Africa.

Highlights BRS

  • Reduced processing time.
  • Coverage of the entire demand in regulatory reporting.
  • Support for the development of the regulations dictated by the Central Bank and anticipating regulatory changes.
  • Full decision-making tool through the warehouse of financial and regulatory data.
  • XBRL support.
  • Open and adaptable system:
    • Multi accounts plans.
    • Multi facilities.
    • Multi attributes.
    • Multi currencies.
  • Native mechanisms of control and reliability of data:
    • Reconciliation accounting / management.
    • Inter and Intra control document.
    • Balance control.
    • Control of attributes and data reliability.

BRS solution Strengths

  • Functional coverage: Beyond regular reporting to the Central Bank, BRS can cover all of the bank’s commitments for other stakeholders reporting.
  • Consistency and reliability of data: BRS allows to centralize information to communicate, to validate and ensure their integrity and consistency, irrespective of the recipient.
  • Non Intrusive Integration: BRS ensures a clear separation between the Information System management and regulatory reporting layer, through clear interfaces and easy to maintain.
  • Usability and security: Solution for the end user, guaranteeing autonomy, reliability data and calculations and access security to the manipulated information.
  • Scalability: Scalable to accompany the changing demands, both in terms of regulatory reporting, internal reporting as well as to the parent company.



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