Software Development and Software Factory

Software Development and Software Factory

For over ten years, the Omnishore teams developed a real expertise in the field of specific software development. The Omnishore teams participated in the biggest projects of overhaul information system in Morocco.

These experiences have enabled Omnishore to constitute a high-level team of project directors, project managers, analysts, designers and developers.

Omnishore has also worked on international projects in French Africa speaking countries, Europe and North Africa.

Our service offer is organized around four axes:

Software Development

Application management and third application acceptance

Technical Assistance and Provision of governed consultants

Expertise, Architecture and Consulting of Information Systems


An Industrial Approach for Developments

Your enterprise is unique. You want a technological response perfectly consistent with your IT heritage and perfectly in line with user expectations? We respond to your requirements.

Existing software do not respond or only partially to your needs, you expressly wish to have an ad hoc solution: we design and manufacture customized solutions according to your constraints in terms of existing data, closer to your expectations.

Our teams constantly maintain and since the beginning, proactive technology watch and Research & Development materialized by anticipation and early knowledge of emerging technologies.

This approach allows us to record a strong lead when technological breakthroughs, and then present a consistent experience when markets mature and especially to offer our customers the best of proven technologies.

We are moving you towards open and standardized technologies. We ensure the transfer of skills to your teams and also take over maintenance of your applications.


The technical complexity of architectures, operational maintenance of support applications and expectations in terms of quality and performance are constantly increasing.

Your information system must be a reflection of your business processes, by nature evolutionary !

Your internal teams are overloaded and you are not able to provide the necessary reactivity in response to functional needs !

Have you thought to outsource the operational maintenance of your applications? ? In addition to our business development and integration, Omnishore offers to ensure the sustainability of your projects with our software maintenance solutions and tailored TMA (Third Party Maintenance).

Offered services :

Corrective Maintenance

Support Package applications from concerned companies through the correction of anomalies (blocking, Major, Minor) and taking into account the SLA

Evolutionary Maintenance

Analysis and development of new features and taking into account changes and changes in technical environments

Preventive Maintenance

Audits of technical environments and improve and optimize application quality


The recipe is an important phase in an IT project but too often reduced or forgotten for lack of time or resources (human or material). This results in errors, sometimes blocking for the user, after switching to production. However, application quality is essential to ensure quality of service tailored to the demands and needs of users. TRA (Third party application acceptance) is the solution to ensure software quality.

To manage and control risks, Omnishore applied to all projects of TRA, a rigorous process in which each phase is presented below :

Definition of Strategy

Area concerned, issues, stakeholders and roles, communication, constraints and test natures.

Organization of Work

Prioritization, allotment, implementation tools, resources and platform organization, overall planning.

Preparation of the Recipe

Case tests, test sets and expected results.

Tests Running

Tests execution and assessments.


The right resource to the right place at the right time

For your specific needs, we’re offering the best of our ability. Our experienced consultants and engineers work within your organization on a mission on your projects.

This results in the availability of qualified personnel, in reinforcement of your internal resources for special cases (dump load, learning new technologies, maintenance of legacy applications, new development features to existing applications, etc. ). We implement a customized organization for each business context, combining operational expertise, business and technology.

In addition, our engineers and consultants regularly validate their expertise by submitting to our editor partner’s certification exams, ensuring that they possess the know-how tailored to your projects.


Like the architectural firms in the field of construction, we support our customers in achieving information systems. We work from the early phases of a project (consulting, study, design), on the implementation phases and solutions research, until phases of production and maintenance.

Omnishore implements its own expertise around the architectures on New Technologies, and associates them with functional expertise, capitalized on a network of specialized partners.

Broken to the expertise of complex environments of poorly information systems or unstructured, Omnishore acquired, through a wide range of interventions, an understanding of competence of the various trades. With a look both new and expert, Omnishore offers its customers a comprehensive range of advice, whether technical, operational or organizational. Know how to analyze the existing, having the best views to unravel, modify, and if necessary rebuild.

Our advice focus on the following two components :

  • Consulting and architecture of information systems

    To conduct technical surveys, risk analysis and safety data integrity, ensure the establishment of effective and appropriate Telecom solutions (internal or external), optimize technical and financial objectives of telecom networks.

  • Council in change management and information systems management

    To rethink the urbanization of information systems, to link existing systems, restructure certain to allow their developments and improvements.



The MEDTECH Group is among the national leaders in Consulting, Engineering and Services in Information Technology. It is the result of 25 years of development and anticipation of the ICT industry in Morocco. The Medtech Group is today, among other expertise, recognized by the world’s leading Information Technology , a leading provider of IT projects of the Moroccan Administration and a presence at the heart of IT major financial institutions of the country.

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