Software Infrastructure Integration

Software Infrastructure Integration

Our offer is focused on the data, which animates its integration and infrastructure that houses it. So there are three unifying concepts:

The corresponding services are:


  • Managing Relational Databases

    For over 25 years, Omnidata supplies, installs and optimizes the facilities of the technical components of the Oracle offer. This expertise is recognized in Morocco and in the sub-region.

  • Maintenance

    As part of maintenance, Omnidata is committed to maintaining Oracle products in good condition and ensure continuity of service by offering the following different levels of support:

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Standard Support

Premium Support

Premium + Support

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Telephone and electronic assistance of Omnidata

5D / 7 8h30-18h30

5D / 7 8h30-18h30

24H/24, 7D/7, 365D/year

Monthly technical bulletins (E-News)

Monthly report incidents and interventions

Access to the Omnidata web portal for online registration and tracking tickets

Technical Account Manager

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These advanced options are in addition to the basic editor support, consists of the following services: access to the Oracle site, download patches and new releases.

  • Performance

    The organization has a legacy application, or specific software whose performance changes over time. Uses, functional enhancements and changes their habitats are the causes of this development and can be anticipated and organized. Because of his experience, Omnidata organized an offer from diagnosis to the master plan, through the provision of package services and leased or acquired application.

  • Supervision and Outsourcing

    Stability, consistency and performance of the Information System depends obviously of the states of each of its components, including servers, software, networks, but also the foreseeable use of the users. Omnidata offers applications and services for their supervision, monitoring, from diagnosis to corrective action. In addition, outsourcing on-site or remote is possible under state control mode or package.


  • Anonymization

    As part of compliance with the 09-08 law on the protection of personal data, access to such data should be governed by technical and organizational management rules to ensure the security of such data against data leakage.

    However, the need for access to data sets should be done without jeopardizing the security of sensitive data. The anonymization is given a solution to establish environments developments and revenue identical to the production environment in terms of structure and consistency, while ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive data.

  • Test Data Management

    The management of test data corresponds to the creation and use of a set of data representative of those used by enterprise applications.

    A solution of test data management can save hours when creating test data, enhance the efficiency of your testing process, make sure you do not expose sensitive data and reduce costs associated with tests.

  • Data Quality

    In a context where the challenges of businesses and governments are becoming more numerous, have a quality of data assets is becoming an unavoidable necessity.

    Unprecedented outpouring of information, regulatory pressures, internal control requirements, consistent exchanges with partners, customers satisfaction are challenges faced by businesses.

    The quality control data has become an important issue: it is to provide accurate, comprehensive, timely and consistent while implementing understandable indicators, easy to communicate, inexpensive and simple to calculate.

    Omnidata offers a complete solution that ensures support from start to finish of your growing needs for data quality.

  • Master Data Management

    The management of reference data or MDM provides a centralized and unified view of strategic business data, located across databases, applications and information silos.

    The initiative proposed by Omnidata for reference data management addresses this need with solutions to effectively manage large volumes of data, to generate highly accurate data and to link information and businesses customers.

  • Data Security and Intrusion

    Omnidata offers IT security consulting services to assist its customers in their thinking and in their security approach. Through high-level skills and experience acquired from several companies, the Omnidata team helps you to raise your company, identify your needs, understand the issues and measure the risks to define an appropriate security policy.

    The penetration tests are intended to assess the potential impact of a hacker on the information system. For this, we use all methods of attack based on our experience in the field, coupled with internationally recognized methodologies (OWASP, OSSTMM, LPT).

    Omnidata’s offering includes hosted services in Morocco, dedicated to safety against Cybercrime (SOC, CERT).

  • Data Archiving

    The archive database is a key component to ensure the success of your data governance program. As such, Omnidata offers solutions for archiving databases that allow companies to benefit from the financial and operational benefits of cleaning the inactive data. They can be implemented with any type of database, data warehouse or enterprise application based on mainframe-type technologies.


  • SOA and BPM

    This area is addressed by engineers Omnidata on the application server and SOA, which benefit from expertise on it by the local materialized important projects realization. Omnidata also has proven expertise in the BPM component (Business Process Modeler).

  • Hosting and PaaS / SaaS offers

    The organization may wish to prefer OPEX or CAPEX or will devote its IT human resources in support of the users. For these cases, Omnidatamay propose to host applications and data in its own servers in Morocco by administering them according to defined SLA. Furthermore, this accommodation may involve the development and test servers before the start of production, or penetration testing functions.

  • Technical Softwares

    For example, replication, administration, automation of operations are functions with high value-added in view of the growth of SI and complexity. The internationalization of users increases the need for automation. Omnidata installs and supports leading publishers of applications in this field.



The MEDTECH Group is among the national leaders in Consulting, Engineering and Services in Information Technology. It is the result of 25 years of development and anticipation of the ICT industry in Morocco. The Medtech Group is today, among other expertise, recognized by the world’s leading Information Technology , a leading provider of IT projects of the Moroccan Administration and a presence at the heart of IT major financial institutions of the country.

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